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25 April 2006 @ 02:55 pm
I found this clip on myspace, and thought it shoudld definitely be shared. Even if it IS Hannity & Colmes.



I don't mean to be a bummer the day before the Day of Silence...
22 April 2006 @ 03:09 pm
hey everyone. I lost a purse on campus. I think I left it in the campus center great room, but it wasn't in the lost and found. I just wanted to post something to see if anyone had seen anything....it's small, and tan. with black mesh pockets on the outside, probably with a bottle cap in one of them. it was full....and I'm dying without it, so if anyone sees or hears anything, please inform me.
14 April 2006 @ 01:37 pm
Hey everyone. I kind of have an idea for a possible new club or at least a new force on campus that I think many STARS members would be interested in. I'll probably post this in the SMCM community as well.

anyway. I am a strong support of Planned Parenthood. The services they are offer are amazing for sex education, unwanted pregnancy prevention, etc.

However, with all the good Planned Parenthood does, many pro-Life groups are misunderstanding Planned Parenthood's intentions. Many of these pro-life groups [rock for life USA, for an example] believe that Planned Parenthood promotes abortions. What they don't understand is that Planend Parenthood does not want anyone to use abortion as a form of birth control. They first and foremost promote sexual education. What these pro-life groups do not understand, is that Planned Parenthood wants to have as little abortions as possible.

These pro-life groups are targeting the wrong things. Consider this website. Ridiculous right?

I myself am a Catholic. However, these conservative views on sex are unrealistic for this day and age. Promoting abstinence only goes so far, and we need to protect everyone who doesn't agree with abstinence. How do we prevent teenage mothers and unwanted children? Birth control. Sex education. Planned Parenthood.
[ ^ how dramatic was that? hey hey]

anyway. Planned Parenthood has a group that I am hoping to possibly start on campus called Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood. [vox is the latin word for voice]. I feel like there are so many things we could do right now to support pro-choice. Free choice is currently threatened in a number of different states, and George W. Bush is only getting more conservative on sexual social ideas.

Lemme know if you are interested.

and click on all the links sprinkled within this writing.

Thanks for your time!
28 March 2006 @ 12:12 am
Hello and welcome!

After throwing out some ideas and discussing other livejournal communities, we decided to create a community for the members of STARS at St. Mary's College of MD. You do not have to be gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered to join. Infact, we encourage everyone to join! Here, we'll post upcoming events, topics for discussion, news of the glbt community and world events, articles, basically whatever we feel like posting that involves the ideas of STARS. Feel free to post whatever you want, too. Here, your voice can be heard! Through support and action we can make a difference.

Yours truly,
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