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08 September 2006 @ 01:57 pm
First STARS meeting!!!  
Well, I'm afraid my announcement isn't quite as enthusiastic or...hyper as the one Emily (our VP) just sent out to your email inboxes, but I do want to get the info out there:


When: Monday, September 11, 2006
Where: The Blackistone Room, Anne Arundel Hall (it's on the first floor, down the hall from the registrar, across from the computer lab...I don't know how else to describe its location. Email me if you think you'll have trouble finding it and we'll go together)
What: Introductions and fun icebreakers, of course!
What to bring: Your own cup. We're cheap, plus we're going to use them for an icebreaker. Just trust us. (I don't even trust us sometimes.)

It's going to be great! By the way, guys, the email list makes me happy. I was thrilled to see so many new names as well as familiar returning ones. The support you showed at the club fair automatically makes you awesome. :D

See you Monday! Have a great weekend!

Sarah Bastien
STARS secretary
I feel like being: impressedimpressed
I'm dancing to: "Macho Man" (don't ask)